Daily Charge

Three Hundred and Sixty dollars ($360.00) per day for a two-occupancy room. Prescription medications, physician services, and therapy services are not included in the daily charge. Private rooms are also available if needed.

Payment Source

The District accepts Medicare, Medi-Cal, most major health plans or private funds. Eligibility must be verified' with the payment source and payment for services finalized before admission.


Short stay SNF Medicare Services: Medicare covers 100 days per benefit period, provided there is a need for daily skilled care and the resident does not refuse the skilled care that is ordered by the physician. Medicare covered services include: semi-private room, meals, routine nursing care, rehabilitation therapies and services, drugs furnished by the facility, medical supplies and use of equipment.

The first 20 days are paid at 100% by Medicare. After the 20th day the beneficiary is billed a co-pay of $148 per day. If your goal is to return home we will assist you to achieve this goal as quickly as possible.


Applicant must present their valid Medi-Cal identification card before admission.

Private Pay

If your monthly payment is received and posted to your account prior to the first of the month when due, you will receive a $38.00 per day discount. You may want to pay your bill in person to avoid any mailing delays that could make your payment late and not eligible for this discount.

Insurance Plan

Applicant must pay in advance any difference between our daily rate and what applicant's policy allows. In the event the applicant is not competent to conduct their own business affairs, satisfactory alternative arrangements must be made.

Applicant's financial matters should be in order before admission as it is the District policy not to admit prospective residents if their payment source has not been finalized.

For assistance in this matter, please contact Patient Accounting at (805) 737-3300.